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Imaginative ideas, energy, honesty and lack of patience describe me totally. I was chosen out of many applicants to sit on the community editorial board of the Toronto Star and I enjoyed putting my thoughts in print. You can only serve one year and then it is more difficult to get into the paper on the editorial or opinion page, and so a blog.

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June 23 , 2016


When a person is in constant pain, with no medical help possible, either in the future or immediately, assisted suicide is indicated. When a person is old with a chronic debilitating disease, and is of sound mind, assisted suicide is indicated. In both these medical situations not having a mental illness like Alzheimer’s  makes it easy to make a decision .

Suppose a person when young, put in their will, that if they get Alzheimer`s they want to be assisted in suicide. As they get older the family puts him or her in a nursing home and would you believe they thrive there. They interact and thrive, do not recognize their family but do not create problems for the staff, themselves, or other sick patients. They should not be assisted in suicide. Let them live out their lives. But if they are creating problems for all concerned, and they had requested suicide, help them do it.

Mental illness creates problems in  knowing when to take action. There is another situation which requires a great deal of intense inspection. Who benefits from the death by assisted suicide? Make sure that the beneficiaries of the person assisted, are not  interested in death for private gain. Life is complicated, creating a death even more so.


June 16 , 2016


Humans are not nor have they ever been consistent in any of their affairs. The problem as always is “self-interest”. I would like to relate an incident in a tennis club that I belong to, as an example.

My club has a large workout room that is used by our members throughout the day. There is much equipment available to keep fit and near the air balls that one jumps on, is a small table. For many weeks as I worked out I saw a dime on the table. Obviously it was left or lost by one of our members and put on the table. It was ignored  by the exercisers. I left a dollar coin and a two dollar coin with a trainer and told him to leave it on the exact table where I saw the dime. Need I tell you, it did not last the day. It is so easy to be honest for a dime.

June 13 , 2016


There are so many reasons that one can condemn the mass killings in Orland Florida, but the first one is so very obvious. No matter the sick mind that perpetrated this atrocity, why is the AR 15 style rifle that  can be used for hunting, but so effective for killing innocent people in closed quarters, available for sale? Why is this weapon  effective for hunting? What animal being shot at, stays, as the fusillade continues. It runs forward and if you shoot slightly ahead of the animal it runs into the bullets. Who carries this gun. Mostly hunters and people wanting to kill others. Would you believe that 32 people daily are killed by guns in the U.S, not all in mass killings

After leaving the essential beginning of this piece, “gun control”, I have so many areas to head into. Try “Homophobia” “Islamophobia” and of course old reliable “Terrorism”. Moslems, because of their religion, and the obvious name of the killer, Omar Mateen, of the Islamic faith , born to Afghan parents, the Moslems in the U.S. and for that matter anywhere in the world where there are modern means of communication and where the majority of the population are other than Moslems, are justifiably afraid of the backlash. There is no evidence that the majority of Moslems would not, out of hand, condemn this sick killer. The fact that Omar Mateen called emergency services, and pledged allegiance  to ISIL, and made mention of the Boston Bomb attack gives credence to the fact  that “Terrorism” was involved and because of the evidence of the father , Mateen  intensely disliked Homosexuality , which brings “Homophobia” into play. The club where the killings took place catered to Homosexuals.

Whatever the reason for the killings by this sick man, rest assured, he wanted publicity and in that he was successful. The free world exploded with the T.V. and newspapers giving the event publicity, which I have not seen in many years. Think of San Bernardino, Sandy Hook and the killings in Aurora Colorado.How more quickly can a non-entity be world famous? Freedom of communication is very important in our society but is it really necessary to give so much press and T.V. to such a despicable act. I think not, but unfortunately it sells newspapers and fills up T.V. news slots.

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