Murray Rubin’s Royal Visit (you must watch the video) This past Thursday Sophie, Duchess of Wessex (married to the Queen’s youngest son Edward – thank goodness it wasn’t Andrew – he’s in a spot of hot tea. Dad decided not to mention him to the Duchess – good choice dad) made a visit to Toronto Western Hospital stroke unit to see Murray (she Continue Reading


 When you love your wife more now than when you married her. When a wet dream means that you knocked over a glass of water from your night table. When you go from the kitchen to the bed-room and you forgot why. When you talk nonsense and young people are respectful, not critical. When people who Continue Reading


It had always been my contention that if only all the countries in the world became functioning democracies, wars, violence and turmoil would become events of the past. Winston Churchill in a speech many years ago said that democracy was a terrible system, but the best that man has been able to devise. In recent Continue Reading