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Yesterday, today and beyond

The twentieth century has seen changes in our society which are nothing short of amazing. If you wanted to describe what happened, you could use one word “computer”. It is the most profound technological development since the steam engine started the industrial revolution 200 years ago. To-day, not only every desk in a typical office Continue Reading

It is tough to be a Jew

It is very difficult to experience the emotions and thoughts of another individual, especially from a different culture, race, religion or nationality. Inner feelings are predicated on life experiences and no two are alike. A constant in the Jewish world is fear, responsibility and guilt. Fear for what can happen, and responsibility and guilt for Continue Reading

Pharmacy in health care

HEALTHCARE MONEY IS ONE PROBLEM PHARMACY CAN BE ONE ANSWER It is my belief that there is an UNWRITTEN AGREEMENT between health care colleges that they should avoid interference in one another`s affairs and jurisdictions. It is my belief that physicians feel that no changes should be made in their area of jurisdiction. It is Continue Reading

suicide terrorism

THE USE OF SUICIDE TERRORISM FOR POLITICAL AIMS Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence on non-combatants. Suicide terrorism is terrorism with the added twist that the perpetrator dies committing the violent act. My first exposure to people willing to die for a cause was the suicide bombers during the Second World War, Continue Reading

standing committee presentation

A presentation to the standing committee on social policy to consider Bill 97, an act to increase access to qualified health professionals for all Ontarians by amending the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991. Personal modesty is not called for when one tries to promote a change that will literally revamp a portion of our health Continue Reading