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Difficult To Believe

Here’s a piece from the Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail: The Israel Test: A guide for capitalismThe Globe And Mail, Fri Jul 31 2009by Neil Reynolds OTTAWA — Early in 1981, with his million-copy bestseller Wealth and Poverty, George Gilder established himself as the intellectual herald of the Reagan Revolution. The Continue Reading


There is a perception in the gentile world that Jewish people are paranoid about anti-Semitism and that Jews believe that all criticisms of the policies of Israel are based on an anti-Semitic foundation. A simple rule will expose true anti-Semitism. If Israel or Jewish people are expected to act or react in a manner which Continue Reading


It had always been my contention that if only all the countries in the world became functioning democracies, wars, violence and turmoil would become events of the past. Winston Churchill in a speech many years ago said that democracy was a terrible system, but the best that man has been able to devise. In recent Continue Reading