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I cease to be amazed at the ability of civilized human beings (whatever that means) to find a way to kill, torture and terrorize one another. In my lifetime, a period of close to 80 years, there have been three massacres that have captured the attention of the world. Starting with the holocaust, the indiscriminate Continue Reading


This speech was given in the Orthodox Synagogue of St Louis by Joe McCain, brother of Senator John McCain of Arizona. The Jews will not go quietly again. NEVER. There is a lot of worrying popping up in the media just now — “Can Israel Survive”? Don`t worry about it. It relates to something the Continue Reading


A Toronto Star journalist, Joe Fiorito, wrote an article recently criticizing the drug laws in place to-day in Canada. I agree in general with what this journalist said, so I am reprinting his article. If you go to my articles on the subject in this blog under “illegal drugs” you will see where we differ. Continue Reading