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Accessible Parking Permits

People who are not disabled think very little about finding a parking spot. One just drives around until a car leaves and a place opens up.However disabled people think even less.If they have seen a physician, chiropractor or any recognized health practisioner and are certified as disabled “Voila” they literally can park anywhere within reason, in Continue Reading


Convenient communication trumps privacy.  Who would have thought?  It was not too long ago that privacy was a hot topic with the public and the government.  Getting information from the government, or a private corporation about an individual is nearly impossible.  Take Ontario Hydro for instance.  I wanted to know whether my tenant, in my Continue Reading


“Entitlements” is a word North Americans will see a lot of in the future.   Nicholas Eberstadt who is an economist and a demographer with the American Enterprise Institue, wrote a booklet entitled “A Nation of Takers:America’s Entitlement Epidemic”.  In 2010 U.S. governments at all levels transferred more than 2.2 trillion in money, goods and services Continue Reading

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