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About 2 years ago I did an article on the “parking ticket “scam in the city of Toronto. Recently two news articles awakened my attention to this issue. I do not intend to go over my original piece except to suggest that it be read again. Nothing has changed for the better. Everything still applies Continue Reading


My first personal encounter with aboriginal people came when we opened a drug store in Sudbury in the 1960’s. I was used to getting requests for rubbing alcohol from the poor in Toronto. It was a cheap way to get drunk after the liquid was distilled. In Sudbury the request usually came from natives. I Continue Reading


 When you love your wife more now than when you married her. When a wet dream means that you knocked over a glass of water from your night table. When you go from the kitchen to the bed-room and you forgot why. When you talk nonsense and young people are respectful, not critical. When people who Continue Reading


There is a reason why I chose this topic for my next blog, but I will get to that later. There are two ways to look at the popularity of sports, by the numbers played, and by the number of people watching it on T.V. or the internet. The biggest sport in the world is Association Football Continue Reading