1. Very often when I am watching T.V. there is an advertisement to send money to help an orphan.  Inevitably the child is blackWhat is the reason for the inability of black nations to to look after these children.

2. As long as I have been aware of aboriginal people (incorrectly called Indians), they have been among the poorest in our country.  The preponderance of these Canadians live in poor housing, in towns with terrible facilities and are jobless. They live in reserves far from the majority of other Canadians where there is next to no chance for employment.  I have an axiom for human nature.  Self-interest counts.  As long as they do not own their properties and are under the rule of mostly self-serving chiefs, nothing will change. There is no flaw in the nature of aboriginals. White Canadians living under these conditions would do no better. When are we going to put a stop to this unbelievable situation?

3. It is an accepted fact that “Men Rule” but in the west and some countries in the east the domination is not as flagrant.  I am sick when I see how women are treated in some Middle Eastern countries.  I refer of course to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and the Sudan in Africa. I may be very naive but if all the western countries acted together they could force them to change.  Why don`t they?

4. When I was young many more Christians wore the cross around their necks than Jews wore Magen Davids.  There are still many Christians wearing crosses, but I never see Magen Davids anymore at all.  Why?  What has changed?  Do the Jews not want to identify themselves now?

5. I cannot believe the number of newspapers from all over the western world, national broadcasters like ABC, NBC, BBC and so called neutral NGO`s, who never say much about China, Russia, Rwanda, always find Israel guilty of all  war crimes but never give an even-handed explanation of what led to the Israeli attacks.

6.There is no denying the number of influential Jewish people leading the American press and national broadcasting companies, but to say that they slant the news in Israel`s favour is not being truthful, to say the least. The Ochs-Sulzberger family controls the New York Times, the Tribune Company chaired by Sam Zell owns the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, and these newspapers by no stretch of the imagination support Israeli policy. With the exception of the New York Daily News and the U.S. News and World Report owned by Mort Zuckerman, there are few Jewish owned newspapers positive towards the Jewish state.
The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), Colombia Broadcasting System and the American Broadcasting Corp while Jewish owned fight tooth and nail with each other for business, and not to control the U.S. news.
What I don`t understand is why so few American Jewish media leaders of standing, go out of their way to be pro-Isreal even when it is so obvious, that is the direction they should take.  What are they afraid of?  98% of American blacks voted for Barak Obama. No problem.

7. About 20 years ago it became de rigueur to advocate the importance of privacy. Privacy trumped all. On that subject I would like to write about Princess Kate Middleton and those unfortunate two disc jockies who thought that they had executed a coup in getting some personal information about the pregnant state of the princess, and instead lost their jobs. What a joke?  Yahoo Canada just announced that Kate Middleton is the most searched name on the internet. What was the big deal about what they learned?  The young lady was pregnant and had morning sickness.  Big Deal!  The suicide of the nurse was unfortunate but not the fault of the jokesters.  Why take their job away?

8. Have you ever thought where the world would be if  MAN did not harness energy. Humanity used to work by the muscles of men and beasts. Hyman Rickover, the creator of the American nuclear submarine, stated what had been achieved. “Each locomotive engineer uses the equivalent to that of 100,000 men and each jet pilot of 700,000 men.”  Amazing!

9. Benjamin Netanyahu, the P.M. of Israel and Barak Obama the president of the U.S. recently said that that Israel does not owe its existence to the Holocaust. I do not believe they said what they really think but I understand why they said it. Good politics!  At the time Israel came into being, Russia allowed it to make trouble for the U.S. and the Arabs. Of course the Europeans were guilty as hell about the Holocaust on their lands. To make penance for the holocaust is why Israel exists ,and if it were up to the countries in the U.N. today,there would be no State of Israel regardless that Israel is easily the best of the new states in the U.N. today.

10.Why do Israelis have the lowest suicide rate in the world. Surrounded by enemies, and the world full of anti-Semites, it makes no sense.

11. Why do the majority of doctors take advantage of the time of their patients. They make a set time for an appointment and it is very rare that they see their patients at the arranged time. I respect the doctor`s time and go out of my way to be there, but the doctors seem to feel that they are entitled to see the patient at their convenience.

12. Nearly every new apartment or condo apartment builds with a balcony. Considering the apartment is NEVER is occupied with people but usually with furniture or boxes, you wonder why? Just one of those idiosyncracies of tenants. The builders think if they do not offer a balcony the apartment will not be popular. Probably true!

13. Have you ever phoned 411 to get some I information. They have an automatic answering service, you give them the names and they are supposed to get the correct telephone number. The machine inevitably has not gotten the name correctly and give you a number which has no relationship to the number you are after. I am not exaggerating they are wrong 80% of the time. Why bother? They eventually have to go to a live operator.  

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