That is the problem. What does feeling like a man or a woman feel like? Transgender individuals usually do not identify with their biological sex, or to put it another way with the identifying part of their body, a penis with a man and a vagina with a woman. Many men and women feel strongly they are physically a different sex than they are mentally and emotionally. They feel they are a man or woman trapped in a body of the opposite gender. This dissonance, called” gender dysphoria” is often so profound and uncomfortable that many individuals experiencing it desire to be surgically and or hormonally altered so that they physically resemble the sex that they think they are, but to be perfectly clear, they cannot perform the bodily functions of their wishes after surgery and hormonal treatment. A transgender woman cannot have a baby and a transgender man cannot produce sperm to produce a baby

Recently in a local Toronto library a feminist speaker Meghan Murphy called the LGBTQ community a danger to women. It would make women in their assigned washrooms  fearful that a human born with a penis may feel inclined to use the washrooms usually for women born with vaginas. I cannot agree because society has made the leap  forward and in the swimming pools I use there are now  cubicles with walls and doors for the safety of all. I doubt if a person born a male would be a real danger to anybody let alone a woman. The library which has been criticized by many but supported as well

Before going on I want  my readers to know I will accept what you want to be, and I think society , in general, should be accepting. I can feel , or I think I can feel fear, hate, depression, anxiety, happiness but I cannot express what I feel like as a man. I cannot describe the feeling except I know I am attracted to females .You can change your name as you see fit as well as your birth certificate or passport, but can you tell me what you feel like in either sex. I have had three children and know what an orgasm feels like but I understand that females when they have sex  also have an orgasm which when described to me seems exactly as what I felt. Transgender women have another difference from women remaining a woman. They have a prostate gland which is not in women born as a woman. There are Skene`s glands which are considered by some to be the equivalent of the male prostate gland . The two terms transsexual and transgender are not exactly equivalent. A transsexual has had hormone and surgery done to become closer to the sex they feel, and as far as I am concerned it remains as yet in the realm of feelings. There is no reason in any society to punish a human being for what they feel but as yet even with surgery a transwoman cannot produce eggs for fertilization and a transman sperm.

I will mention one other point which is just a matter of interest. In a sports event the  Transgender Woman with the male hormones running through her body leaves the women well behind. A problem left for the sports associations to solve.

Subsequent to writing this blog I have done further research on Transgender people in sports and would like to comment further. New Jersey and New Mexico require Trans athletes to provide evidence that they have transitioned or are in the process. Missouri and Ohio require athletes to undergo hormone treatment. Ohio requires that the athletes must have been on the hormones for at least a year prior to competing

Oregon and Idaho allow those who identify  as male, to participate on male team and they are then exclude from girl competition. Those transitioning from male to female must be on hormone treatment for at least a year

Canadian provincial governing bodies for high school sports have independent policies on the participation of transgender or non-binary athletes on sex-segregated teams  . Organizations such as the Alberta Schools Athletic Association, the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, and B.C. School sports each have policies that allow the participation of Transgender student-athletes.

If you have the time to skim through my other blogs , I have one on lying. All humans lie when it is their interest . For a Transgender woman to lie and try to get into a grand slam tournament  women`s draw in either London New York, Paris, or Melbourne , the money may be worth the transition of sex. I am not saying this will happen but it could.




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