It is in the nature of human beings to succeed, to get ahead, to win, to stay out of conflict, and in order to do that lying is necessary, sometimes absolutely necessary. I am not pointing out any one race, people or nationality but this blog will be added to,  as I see the need to expose blatant lying. It was Hitler`s propaganda minister Goebbels who said,” if you lie often enough it becomes the truth” or words to that effect.




  This is a new entry in this blog and I have just witnessed the senate and house in the American congress give their acceptance of the new president Joe Biden. i.e. the majority did that, but there were some 100 of the house and 6 or 7 of the senate who voted against.  Probably Republicans. Why? They know Donald Trump lied about the election being stolen from him, but truth does not enter into the equation. Trump received the most votes of any loser for president and more than any winning president, but the winners for the senate and house wanted to make sure in the next election, probably for some, in 2 years ,the Republicans who voted for Trump will vote for them. Self-interest trumps all. Excuse me for using the word TRUMP.


One of the mains staples of the Palestinian Authority`s policy is to rewrite the history of the land of Israel. From a young boy, before there was a state of Israel, in my synagogue we talked about the Israelites in this land. It was not politics, it was history. To counter this narrative, the Palestinians have for years cultivated the “Canaanite myth”. These biblical people are the ancestors of the Palestinians and have been there since 7000B.C. They were there before Abraham, and incidentally Abraham is turned into a Muslim who built the  Al-Aqsa mosque. Moses became a Muslim who shepherded the Muslims from Egypt, and it goes without saying Jesus is not a Jew but a Muslim. The Palestinian Authority discount the Jewish artifacts found there as planted.


It is beyond belief that an auto company with the reputation and standing of  Volkswagen would set up their environmental tests and software in order to give results that are , in effect, false. The German automaker had installed sophisticated software on some Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche cars that reduced the pollutant emissions when the cars were being tested, but in day to day usage gave off 40 times the legal limits of nitrogen oxide . The company  obviously did not care about clean air.


As you are no doubt aware Loblaws is a major grocery chain with branch stores throughout most of Canada. Recently an employee went public with the charge that out-dated merchandise was doctored to give the false impression that it was fresh. As an example out-dated meat was covered in blood and repackaged to give the customer the idea that it had just arrived. As a former pharmacist and owner of pharmacies and a regular customer of our local Loblaws I find the employees dedicated and honest and quite willing to take back packaged merchandise. These items can easily be given back to the manufacturer. Certain items though like meat and other foods are handled by the staff, bought in bulk, and if not sold on time cannot be returned. There is nobody to return them to. I would bet that the store manager in order to build up the gross profit in his own store took this direction on his own.

Ben Carson, Republican candidate for president 2015

Ben Carson was not offered a formal scholarship to West Point as he wrote in in his autobiography, his campaign said Friday. He was in the Reserve Officers` Training Corps while in high school. The authorities at West Point said that they earn appointments to the military academy in exchange for five years of service in the army.

Russian Athletes Lie about  using”result enhancing drugs”

It is hard to believe but there is so much evidence, it cannot be denied. If an individual athlete cheats by taking drugs it is distressing but understandable. In the case of Russia, it appears the countries leadership was involved. In Moscow there is a drug-testing lab whose director destroyed 1,400 plus samples as a probe began on its activities. Mr. Dick Pound former head of the “World Anti-Doping Agency when asked if this could happen without state support answered ,” I believe the whole process had government backing.” It also is apparent that athletes were forced to take the drugs or they could not compete.

Virginity before Marriage

Being a virgin before marriage is for some religious people very important. German science has found an answer to the problem. The bride 30 minutes before having intercourse ,can insert an artificial hymen, which is a small thin pouch containing bovine blood, that is released on penetration.

Medical Research Scientist

Doing Medical Research is a time-consuming job that requires extreme dedication, and the ability to know when the research is on the right track, and when it is time to proceed in another direction. Paola Macchiarini`s reputation, a Swiss born Italian, is in tatters. He worked on stem-cell bio-engineering a very important area where if it is successful can allow scientists to produce organs from stem cells. He is involved in a scandal of research fraud, retracted papers, exaggerated  credentials and dodgy surgical  ethics. Not only have almost all his patients died, even one who was previously healthy, he has engaged in elaborate deception to boost his own public image.


Barak Obama when he was president of the U.S. said that if Assad, the leader of Syria, used chemical weapons on his own Syrian people he would pay a steep price. Assad used the weapons on Syrian Kurds and Obama, for all practical purposes did nothing.


Last Christmas (2016) Justin Trudeau, the P.M. of Canada and his wife and children spent approximately 10 days at an island owned by the Aga Khan the leader of the Ismail Muslims. He travelled to the island using the Aga`s private helicopter. The government of Canada  also gave $ 49 million dollars to the Khan foundation of Canada. When confronted with this obvious conflict of interest, Trudeau stated he was in constant contact with Khan and was a personal friend . Mary Dawson, the ethics commissioner of Canada, said the Christmas trip and two other trips broke four sections of Canadian law, and further stated that the two men saw each other last at Pierre Trudeau`s funeral.


I do not want to get carried away with this assertion. I think this statement requires qualification. Exactly what qualifies as a blatant lie and can you even define a perfect lie? When anti-Semites state that the holocaust never happened. That is as close to a perfect lie as I can come up with. For Jews all over the world to have made the arrangements with each other to perpetuate this  hoax so , somehow, they can together and individually benefit is absolutely impossible. Now whether exactly six million died or  5 million,600 thousand and 20, nobody would ever know , so on that basis can you still call the denial of the holocaust a lie on the strength of the fact that nobody could have counted up the exact number.? The majority of lies are in my opinion what I would call exaggerations. As an example, if a happily married man is asked by his wife whether he likes the dress she bought  and in order to avoid conflict, because the dress is non-returnable would say it looks good. The husband does not like the dress , even remotely but he uses the out he can use by not stating what he really thinks. To-day when you turn on the television for the news a commentator is interviewing a politician, who says what is good for his career and the interviewer does not put the politician in a bind so he can interview again; Both are not issuing what I call blatant lies but the real truth is incidental to self-interest.


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