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Physician-assisted suicide

In 1993 The supreme Court of Canada ruled 5/4 against Sue Rodrigues in her attempt to get help to commit physician-assisted suicide. This situation still prevails in Canada, however much has changed in the rest of the world. If you have the money, and the inclination you literally have your choice of countries to travel to, and get your wish. The rules vary but many countries are willing to help, including Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Belgium and others. This, in itself, is unfair as rich people can make physician-assisted suicide happen for them. From my own experience, it is common knowledge, that physicians take it upon themselves to help patients in distress, or with incurable disease, to die. One does not discuss this with the attending doctor and doctors generally, do not discuss this among themselves.

I have no confidence in the integrity of all persons, and I support physicians-assisted suicide. Extreme care must be taken that for personal reasons,attendant friends and relatives do not talk depressed people and others into taking this step for  gain. I have no doubt that this can, will, and has happened.  A minimum of two doctors must be involved to enhance the process and be confident that these steps are being taken solely for the benefit of the ill.


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