Before getting into my impressions of the president of the United States, I should make it perfectly clear that I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist and not even a social worker. just a retired pharmacist. But I believe very strongly that the actions of people cannot be distanced from their race, religion and nationality and what has happened in their life in the past. My impressions of president Obama are strictly based on personal observation and not by my training in life.

Michelle Obama on the election of her husband made the following statement”  for the first time in my adult lifetime I am proud of my country”. That statement alone had a great deal of influence on my thinking about the president as her thinking, to a great extent ,would reflect where Obama stands. They were lawyers, two university graduates, one a senator who became president and she says that she never was proud of her country.

Barack Obama is the first black president of the U.S. and regardless of the fact that his mother was white, I think he has always felt a kinship with his black and Muslim heritage. That kinship would associate him with the status of the black people socially and economically and the Islamic world. All people like the power of control over their lives, are interested in success (self-interest) and do not hesitate to use hypocrisy and lies to achieve their desired ends. In that regard Obama is , give or take a little or a lot, similar to all persons. Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline as being severely detrimental to the environment and not providing American’s jobs and he never refers to Islamic terrorism by its real name, Islamic terrorism. Lies, Lies, Lies and self-serving hypocrisy.

The American slavery issue was paramount on the mind of Obama, and justifiably so. Because of this issue Obama was never happy with the foreign policy of the U.S. and he felt that the American government was dominant over the countries from the middle east and Africa. He felt that the government treated the non-European countries as inferior entities. One of the first few things he did after his election, was to go around the world apologising for American foreign policy. Not the usual job description of an American president.

Obama would have had a rush of self-satisfaction when , as a black person, he was elected to be president of the most powerful nation in the world. It would have struck him as satisfying ,if he could achieve what had eluded all the white presidents before him. I refer to a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian problem, peace with the Moslems, specifically Iran,and a change of direction of American foreign policy economic interests, from the middle east to the far east. As well he would like to implement an American health care plan.  He succeeded with the health plan but whether it works well is in contention. As a Canadian it is beyond my comprehension why the U.S. would be against a government funded health plan. It works well in the rest of the world. Obama is very sensitive about criticizing the Palestinians and I do not believe, again this is my opinion, that he is very worried about the borders of Israel and how it affects its defence. Israel is a democracy and Netanyahu depends on settler votes, Obama understands that and getting elected is what counts with all politicians including Obama. He does  not in any way sympathize with the predicament of Netanyahu. I sympathize with the Palestinians in wanting a state, but to achieve it they must negotiate with the Israelis and show the world that they are not the barrier to this achievement. Obama practices the Christian religion but there is no doubt he has positive  feelings for Islam. His father was a Moslem. For many years Obama and Michelle sat as parishioners in the Trinity United Church where Jeremiah Wright was the pastor spewing forth anti-Semitic and anti-American vitriol. How a really proud patriotic American could listen to those sermons for many years makes no sense. It had to have some effect on his thinking.

When it comes to negotiations with Iran it is easy to see the conflicts in the mind of Obama. His allies who are Sunni are dead set against the deal as well as the Israelis. Why he would push as hard as he did to get it passed makes no sense, except he wants to do what no white president has succeeded in doing before him. Make a deal with Iran. He states it is the best deal he could get. In my opinion, if they had kept on with the sanctions Iran would have capitulated. There is no doubt that the situation in the middle east is complicated with  Russian involvement and with no easy solution at hand.If I can end with on a personal viewpoint. The Americans elected the worst person possible in my lifetime ( I am 85) to be president of their country. ( the above is published in Nov 2015)

It is over a year ago that I published my first blog on Barack Obama and this part of the blog is being published on Dec 15th 2016. Even though at the beginning of the blog I admitted  I was not a trained person  to observe the politics surrounding this president, I must admit as an amateur I did very well. While I am in favour of a universal health plan the first thing Trump is doing is getting rid of Obama Care. It just is not working, why, I do not completely know. Many of the statements Obama made about his plan did not work out. But that is the least of the problems of the U.S. As I look at the situation in Syria I am appalled. Obama made a line which  the president of Syria could not cross. He did and Obama did NOTHING. That set the precedent and Assad and Putin set about destroying the country on the pretence  to fight ISIL  but they also attacked the enemies of Assad who were not ISIL They , together have destroyed Aleppo, a city of great significance in the history of the middle east. Five million  Syrians have been killed. The U.S. is responsible for the whole fiasco. Assad wanted to remain leader and Putin wanted a base in the middle east that the Russians left ignominiously  a few years ago. In the early portion of this blog I stated, that Obama is the worst president in my lifetime. I want to correct this. He is the worst president of the U.S. that I have ever studied. WHAT A DISASTER!!!



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