Why not? If you read this blog you cannot fail to observe how often I write about anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. So why am I, in a perverse way, pleased with this charge. Because it makes Jews just like all others, which is the message that I try to convey to the world. Jews at one time or another are considered, too smart, too successful, too arrogant, too demanding and too inclusive .There is racism in India against blacks,  black racism in Uganda against Indians. To quote Shylock in Shakespeare’s ” The Merchant of Venice  If you prick us do we not bleed, If you tickle us do we not laugh”. The world, and I am talking mostly about the western world, does not look at Jews as  all others. The apparent racism in Israel against Ethiopian Jews constitutes a lie to that charge if only in a perverse way. A professor, Guy Ben-Porat,at Ben-Gurion university who has been researching relations between police and different sections of Israeli society said the police in Israel stop and arrest Ethiopian Israelis more than “white” Israelis and Ethiopian Israelis are treated with a tougher hand. The black Israelis strongly believe they are harassed and discriminated against. So where is the difference from Tel-Aviv and Baltimore? They have similarities . And yet with it all, because of the history of discrimination against Jews world-wide ,I believe the average Jew is much more tolerant of differences of race and culture, yet not completely . And that is borne out by a recent incident in an Israeli school where a teacher told an Ethiopian to go back to Ethiopia That is a picture of the entire world, flawed.

Just recently a young Ethiopian Israeli Israeli was shot by police in Tel Aviv. The Berl Katznelson Center , which tracks hate speech on social media in Hebrew, found last week that the expression  of hate towards the Ethiopian Israelis rose 40 fold after riots ensued  In the many posts on Facebook, You Tube, talk-backs on news sites and other forums, users called Ethiopian Israelis a variety of racial and ethnic slurs. A common comment was to tell the black Israelis to go back to Ethiopia. Does that remind you of the Palestinians telling the Israeli Jews to go back to Europe. The more events change the more they remain the same . As a Canadian, who fears anti-Semitism in my country, how can Israelis treat Ethiopian Jews with language like that. It reinforces my contention that Jews are no worse but no better than all flawed humans.

July 12th-.  This is a new entry that I felt I had to add. The Israeli soldier that killed the Ethiopian Israeli fired at the ground The bullet ricocheted and killed  the Ethiopian. Too bad!


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