1. Bagel:  a ring shaped bread roll

2. Blintz : a sweet cheese crepe

3. Bris: the circumcision of a male child

4. Boychik: boy  young man

5. Bupkis (also bupkes, bupkus Bubkis ,Bubkes )  emphatically nothing

6. Chutzpah: nerve, guts , daring audacity

7. Daven: pray

8. Dybbuk: the malevolent spirit of a dead person that enters and controls a living body    until exorcised

9. Fleishig: made with meat

10. Ganef or gonif: thief 

11. Gelt: money

12. Glitch: a minor malfunction

13.Golem : a Frankenstein monster, an android

14 Goy: a Gentile , not of Jewish faith

15. Haimish: (also heimish) home-like friendly

16. Handel:  to bargain

17. Huck: to bother incessantly , to break or nag

18. Kasha: Porridges, buckwheat groats

19. Khazeray: that is awful, junk trash anything disgusting

20. Kibitz: To offer unwanted advice, to converse idly

21. Kike: a derogatory slur used  to refer to Jews

22. Klutz:  clumsy person

22. Knish: Doughy snack consisting mainly of potatoes

 23.  Kosher: correct according to Jewish law , normally used in reference to dietary law

24. Kvell: to express great pleasure along with pride

25. Kvetch: to complain habitually, gripe: as a noun a person who always complain, press squeeze

26. Latke: potato pancake, especially during Hanukkah

27. Litvak : a Lithuanian Jew

28. Lox:  cured salmon, used loosely to refer smoked salmon

29.  Macher:  big shot, important person

30.  Mamzer:  bastard

31.  Maven:  expert; when used in a negative sense: a know-it-all

32.  Mazel: luck 

33.   Mazel Tov:   congratulations

34.  Megillah:  a tediously detailed discourse 

35.  Mensch: an upright man , a decent human being

36. Meshuga: crazy

37. Meshugaas: a senseless activity or behaviour

38. Meshuggeneh: a crazy woman

39. Meshuggener : a crazy man

40. Milchig: made with milk

41. Minyan: quorum of 10 adults Jews necessary for worshipping

42. Mishpocha: extended family

43 Naches: feeling of pride and gratification in achievement of another or ones own doing

44 Narrischkeit : foolishness, nonsense

45. Nebbish: an insignificant,pitiful , a nonentity perso

46. Noodge: to pester, nag  as a noun a pest

47. Nosh: snack

48. Nu: analogous to well or so

49. Nudnik: a pain in the neck, a bore

50 Oy or Oy  Vey: interjection of grief or pain

51. Pareve . containing neither meat or dairy

52 . Pisher   a nobody, an inexperienced person

53. Potch : spank, slap smack

54. Plotz:  to burst as from strong emotion

55. Putz:  vulgar a penis, used as an insult

56.  Schav : a chilled soup made of sorrel

57.Schlemiel: a bungler, an inept person

58. Schlep: to drag or haul, influence, to make a tedious journey

59 Schlimazel: a chronically unlucky person

60. Schlock: something cheap or shoddy

61.Schlong (vulgar) penis

62. Schlub. a clumsy,inept or stupid person

63. Schmaltz. melted chicken fat

64 Schmatta : a rag junk or low quality

65 Schmeer: spread cheese on a bagel, bribe

66. Schmegeggy: an idiot

67. Schmo: a stupid person

68. Schmooze: make small talk, informal conversation

69. Schmuk: (vulgar) a jerk, foolish person literally means penis

70. Schmutter: clothing , rubbish

71. Schmutz; dirt

72.Schnook: a pitiful person , easily imposed on, a cute or mischievous person

73. Schnorrer : one who wheedles others into supplying his wants

74. Schnoz: a nose, especially a large one

75. Schavartze:  a term used to denote black people sometimes derogatory

76. Schvitz: to sweat, perspire, a sauna

77. Shabbos, Shabbas:      Shabbat

78.  Shalom: peace   , greeting

79.Shammes:  caretaker of a synagogue

80. Shamus : detective

81. Shegetz  a young non-Jewish male  derogatory

82. Shemozzle: quarrel  brawl

83. Shikker: a drunk

84. Shikse: a non-Jewish woman

84. Shikse: a non-Jewish woman, derogatory word

85. Shmendrik: a foolish or contemptible perso

86. Shtetl: a small town with a large Jewish population

87. Shtiebel :  little house,

88. Shtick : comic theme, defining habit

89. Shtup: vulgar slang for intercourse

90. Shul: synagogue

91  Shpiel: a sales pitch                                                                                                          

92. Shpritz: a spray of water, sprinkle lightly

93 Tchotchke: knickknack, trinket

 94. Tref:  non-kosher

95. Tzimmes: a sweet stew, a fuss, a confused affair

96.Tsuris: troubles

97. Tukhus: rear end, ass

98 . Tummler: an entertainer, Master of ceremonies

 99.. tush: rear end

100. Vigorish: that portion of winnings he4ld by book-maker or dealer

 101. Witz: joke

102. Yarmulke:  round skullcap worn by observant Jew

103. Yekke: a German Jew

104. Yente: a talkative woman

105. Yiddish: Jewish language

106 Yom tov: Jewish holiday

  107. Yutz.: a fool

108. Zaftig: pleasingly plump ,full figured woman






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