Lawyers are working overtime now to keep up with fraud developing with the Covid 19 virus pandemic. With how this has affected  the people in the world you would think that all societies would try their best to help out. This is not even remotely the case. The Securities and Exchange Commission( SEC) complaints from Mid-March to Mid-May has gone up by 4000 complaints over the past year. There are penalties of over US 1 million for convicted offenders . These fraudsters seek to exploit this situation for personal gain. The scale of the crisis and the resulting mass unemployment has seen a jump in whistleblowers who may have been hesitant except their fraudulent employers are now in no position to retaliate. The price gauging, health-care fraud or substandard medical goods find their way to the SEC.  The SEC this month charged two companies for misleading information on the status of their Covid-19 screening offerings. The SEC has heard from investors relating to scams purporting to have cures and vaccines. A firm Performance Supply LLC  tried to sell 7 million of the 3M-branded masks to New York City office of City Wide Procurement at about 500 per cent above the normal list price. Prosecutors said the accused showed a bogus letter from the 3M company. There is no end to what people will do to make money even from this unhappy world-wide pandemic.


Hypocrisy according to the Oxford dictionary is “the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more laudable beliefs than is the case”. Humans should be aware that no matter the organization’s standing in the world, whether it is government or private, religious or secular, it is under the management of flawed individuals who cannot escape their own short-comings. I intend to press my point by highlighting three cases of absolutely disgraceful conduct by employees of organizations that claim to have standards above and beyond the norm

Starting with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP, Robert Dziekanski, and I am sure the name is familiar. He came from Poland as an immigrant, and expected to meet his mother at the airport. He spoke no English. His mother was waiting for him nearby, but out of sight. Eight hours passed and he was agitated and confused. His mother had left after being told he did not arrive. He began throwing some small furniture around and yelling, and as it became known later crying for help in Polish. In 45 seconds after the RCMP arrived, they tasered him and one of the officers pinned his head to the floor. It appears he died quickly of heart failure. The officers acted inappropriately, there was no danger to anyone, but the point I want to make is, in a subsequent hearing, they all lied and told a story of a very aggressive man hitting out at them. A bystander’s video of the whole event negated all their testimony.

Canadian newspapers have been filled with articles about the Boy Scouts of America. Is there a youth organization, or any organization, more imbued with the reputation for the clean-cut American image that can do no wrong? But to protect that image for the executives of this organization, is more important than the safety of the young boys under the care of the supervisors hired by the organization. That an organization with this program would attract sexual deviates is a foregone conclusion, but to avoid notifying the police about these men and even, in some instances, moving them about to other scout groups is intolerable. The “Scout” brand must be protected under all circumstances.

The Roman Catholic Church has no equal in the Christian world. It is big and wealthy and undoubtedly is responsible for a great deal of momentous works to the benefit of all humanity. But it insists on maintaining the celibacy of its clergy and under these defined circumstances it has to attract men who use the church as a cover for their deviant activities with young boys. Rather than report these activities to the police, or at least dispense with these men from the clergy, they move them around from parish to parish where they continue their sordid activities.

The world, to say the least, is an imperfect place and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the American Scouts and the Catholic Church cannot avoid incidents happening in their activities but they can take measures to minimize their occurrences. Do a stringent background check on all new applicants and when an incident is reported and proved ,fire the person involved and if it is flagrant report it to the police.

It must be policy to protect the public more than the reputation of the organization.

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Name: Murray Rubin

5 thoughts on “HYPOCRISY AND LYING

  • This has been going on since any of these institutions have been brought into reality and still have not been addressed properly nor completely and are still functioning in abusive ways.
    Look at what is going on in our communities TODAY, and convince
    me that some kind of progress has been made!!

  • The sex book “Fifty Shades of Gray” should have been about hypocrisy, not sex. All is gray – and there are way more than 50 shades.

  • And the beat goes on. The sex book “Fifty Shades of Gray” should have been about hypocricy, not sex. All is gray and there are way more than 50 shades.

  • Hypocrisy is a common trait of all organizations who want to protect themselves and not tell the trurg


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