I find people and the societies in which they function fascinating. Today the
world is changing so quickly that it is hard to keep up. New inventions and
innovations on old inventions, will alter dramatically the way we live. Peoples
values, attitudes and beliefs are changing. The pace of change is constant.

Television, in the last 70 years has been branded as a failed medium. While
there is no denying the popularity of TV, it is criticized because it emphasizes
the lowest common denominator of our society. It has been compared, as
entertainment to the decadent Roman circus. In his book “Assault on Reason”
former Vice-President Al Gore says that the average American citizen
has seen a steady loss of complexity in political conversation in the last
50 years.

As the internet advances however, it could herald a complete change in
how television operates The television sets sold now have a function
which connects to the internet. Tens of thousands of specialty channels
with a variety of options could become standard fare. A two way
communication system could be common, person to person and many to
many, not one to many. Films can be produced by amateurs at low cost.
With the accelerated popularity of You Tube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter
Foursquare there can be as many as 100,000 specialized channels by 2015
Voice commands and computer programs will simplify the needs of the
Information Technology consumer. The I-Pad will be at the heart of the
change. This “Killer App ” seems likely to sell tens of millions of tablets
annually as media centre computers and Internet TV’s roll out across the
country. Try to imagine a TV type tablet, smaller of course, that displays
your top 50 channels on a home screen

Paying for these changes will be a problem but these new I TV creators
Organizations, individuals, communities who are currently shut out of
North American screens will find a way.

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Name: Murray Rubin

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