There are many problems ,where because of their complexity it takes a solution which is  straightforward, yet not devious and underhand. Providing there is good-will on all sides these intractable situations can be resolved. What are the problems? Holy Places. There are three religions involved, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, all monotheistic and derived from this small piece of land in the MIDDLE EAST. The Al-Aqsa Mosque the third holiest site for Islam sits atop the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Judaism, and towards which, when Jews pray they are facing. Christianity was born in this area and the first Christians were born Jews. and have a great deal of respect for the land. Jerusalem is the capital, at this point of Israel, yet the Muslims are looking for their capital to also be Jerusalem. Borders , because of the very orthodox Jews, who want to live in certain areas of the holy land and the land they want to occupy is right in the middle of the West Bank which under ordinary circumstances would be in the Muslim area. There is also the problem of the borders of Palestine and Israel. And what to do about Fatah and Hamas? Their antagonism to each other is profound.

SOLUTIONS—  It should be quite obvious that after so many years of negotiating, the problems are not going away, and are not even close to being solved. Jerusalem must be the capital of two nations. East Jerusalem for the Palestinian state and the rest of Jerusalem for Israel. Palestine and Israel are in one land. Both states must be democratic  and both states must have separate parliaments .  The voting requirements for both states  are the same ,arranged by negotiation .The citizens of Israel, both Arab and Jew vote for the Knesset and the Palestinian Arabs vote for their parliament. Each government controls immigration but because of anti-Semitism, diaspora Jews may want to come to Israel. The Palestinian  government can allow the same number of immigrants to enter their state in a year as entered Israel. The Holy Places remain, as is, protected by each nation. Any Arab or Jewish citizens of Israel or Palestine can live anywhere in the country and pay taxes to their own government. At the onset of this new arrangement the Israeli government must help the Palestinian government financially until the help is not needed. Each government has their own civil service to manage their affairs, and even send ambassadors to each other and to foreign countries. Each government has a bilingual parliament and Hebrew and Arabic can be spoken in each. Jewish citizens of Israel can become, if accepted citizens of Palestine and Visa-Versa . For 40 years Israel can have an army and  an airforce and police, Palestine only police but after 40 years new arrangements must be negotiated. Gaza and the Palestinian state must unite under Palestine .All the Arab Palestinians can go anywhere in Palestine, Gaza and Israel and the blockade of Gaza must end. It never worked in any case as the smuggled  rockets from Gaza proved. Israelis and Palestinians can work for either government and hopefully the two peoples will become neighbours and friends.

FACTS ON THE GROUND   Israel won in 1948. Does not matter. Israel won the 6 day war. Of no consequence. Hebrews were there 3000 years ago. So What! What counts is that there are millions of Palestinians surrounded by Arab allies and peace is important for all the people in the area. Israel cannot have peace without a satisfied Palestinian people.


1. There is no border problem. Two countries, same land. The border does not change.

2. The capital is Jerusalem for Israel and Palestine.

3. Whenever Jews come to Israel as immigrants the same number of Arabs can come to Palestine.

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Name: Murray Rubin

Short Bio: I was born in Toronto in 1931 to a wonderful mother who divorced shortly before my birth. I owe a great deal of my success to her. I am Jewish but not at all religious, yet my culture plays an important part of my personality. I attended Harbord Collegiate and U. of T. Faculty of Pharmacy. A unique mail-order pharmacy was the first of my endeavours in the profession, followed by many stores throughout Ontario. I have a loving wife, 3 children and grand-children and I am now retired from pharmacy. But what do I write about? Everything! My topics are funny, serious, whimsical, timely, outrageous, inspiring, and inventive. I promise that if you take the time to read any one of these topics – you will not be sorry.

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