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No Borders Exist for Racism, Sexism and Religious Intolerance



In 1992 Columbus Centre, an Italian social and athletic club in Toronto honoured Christopher Columbus the Italian explorer who was the first European to reach and explore North America in 1492, the 500 year anniversary. Whether in fact he was the first is not relevant, as his landing was the beginning of the colonization of the continent and the exploitation of the local population eventually with the importation of blacks from Africa leading to slavery .A small protest followed. But slavery was not characteristic only of white people. It had existed throughout the world from recorded time, witness the Hebrew slaves in Egypt . Whites do not have a monopoly on racism, sexism and religious intolerance but to some local groups we have to carry this fight to absurd extremes. That idea was reinforced by a recent ruling by the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) that voted to stop raising funds for cystic fibrosis (CF) as they mistakenly believed the disease afflicts white males only and thus was not inclusive enough for our society. The vote was since rescinded under pressure.

In Canada and especially in Canadian Universities political correctness has become “de rigueur”. Any action seen to promote a person of “no colour”, i.e. white and male, must be in itself unacceptable. It goes without saying if the fund-raising was for “sickle cell anemia” afflicting mostly blacks of sub-Saharan ancestry or breast cancer attacking mostly women, CUSA would never have taken this action as they would have been accused of racism and sexism.

Power, self-interest and hypocrisy dictate the actions of all groups. There are rich and poor, kind and cruel, intelligent and dull, racist and non-racist people to be found in all regions of the world. No group has a monopoly on any trait and actions are limited only by the personalities of the people involved and the limits of their power. Power corrupts and absolute power probably inspires people towards domination in a way that is not just or humane.

Idi Amin, the black dictator of Uganda expelled 40,000-80,000, 3rd generation Indian and Pakistani Ugandans with only what they could carry. Koreans have lived in Japan for centuries, but cannot become citizens. In 1947 The Indian sub-continent was divided by the British into two countries, India and Pakistan, Hindu and Moslem, and many people of both religions were killed in the transfer of populations. To-day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a civil war is raging and one of the methods of fighting involves raping women. This is sexual terrorism that destroys women, not one woman but a whole community of women leaving their bodies horribly disfigured.

The Hutus in Rwanda, a black tribe tried to kill off as many Tutsis as possible, another black tribe. And last but certainly not least the Nazis in Germany in 1939 start a war to take over all of Europe and in the process set about to methodically kill 6 million Jews.

Where does it end? It never ends but the point of this article is to make it clear that no nationality, no religion, no race and no part of the world is free of the negative short-comings of people attaining dictatorial power and using it for evil. I hope immigrants to Canada appreciate this fact.

There is no better country to come to as an immigrant than Canada.

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Name: Murray Rubin

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