Its all about numbers. The attitude towards sex varies amoung different men, between women and men, and women to women. In general, but not always, women look for a caring relationship and then offer sex while men have a preoccupation with sex that could lead to a permanent relationship. The desire for sex diminishes as both sexes get older, but not at the same rate for all couples. There will always be sex outside marriage, but the legal institution of marriage is necessary for there to be legally responsible adults to look after children that are born. Religion uses fidelity as a means of control .

In an article in the Toronto Star, a professor of Sociology at the University of Winchester in England Eric Anderson jocularly states that our society stigmatizes people enjoying sex and calls them perverts. Nothing could be further from the truth as humans of both sexes, but not at the same rate, are always looking for a new adventure, and find it in sexual trysts outside of marriage, as it is more exciting.  Open sex after marriage is an idea which would need a complete change of the attitudes of both men and women and is not coming in the foreseeable future.

The world is dominated by men and it shows in how society looks at unfaithful partners. The woman is called disparagingly a “tramp” the man a “gay blade”

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Name: Murray Rubin

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