Ontario Drug Benefit Program: A Change in Policy

The generic pharmaceutical industry in Canada began its meteoric growth when the Trudeau liberals passed a law allowing small Canadian companies to sell patented pharmaceuticals under a “compulsory licensing” arrangement. The law was in force long enough to build a truly effective generic industry but was repealed when the Mulroney conservatives came into power, supposedly Continue Reading

Islam Is “Submission”

As an atheist, I find the dogma of all religions, aside from their ethical pronouncements, to be without substance. If one reads all the rules closely, the “raison d’etre” is about power, the ability to control the everyday life of people. But at least in the modern era, most religions, while not free of proselytization, Continue Reading

People are not predictable MOSTLY

Albert Einstein for many years before his death, had been working on a “Unified Theory of Physics”. He tried to develop a mathematical formula to predict the relationship in nature between all forms of matter and energy, such as light, mass ,gravity, electrons etc. He did not succeed, nor have any scientists who followed him Continue Reading

Nurse Practitioners

A major event occurred last summer in Sudbury. For the first time in Ontario a clinic to provide medical care was organized and is led by “Registered Nurses in the Extended Class” or commonly now known as Nurse Practitioners (NPs). Doctors are consulted as required, and in the clinic in Sudbury are present 14-15 hours Continue Reading