Why Is the Canadian Government Killing the Generic Drug Industry?

There is a hidden continuing battle in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. It pits Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (mostly international and trade-name companies) against the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA). The CGPA are companies that produce pharmaceuticals after the patent has expired. The battle also involves the Food and Drug Directorate, whose mandate is to supervise Continue Reading

Junior Tennis

By no stretch of the imagination can Canada be considered a power-house in tennis. If you overlook men`s doubles, and unfortunately the world does, Canada ranks very low. However, in the past, it is in women`s tennis that we have made a mark and produced world caliber players who, in their time, were in serious Continue Reading

Massive Changes Needed

Timid politicians block meaningful changes in the delivery of Health Care. The major preoccupation for all politicians is to get elected and then re-elected. Everything politicians do is measured in terms of how it affects their chances in the coming elections. Governments, both provincial and federal are involved in many issues, such as soft-wood lumber, Continue Reading