About 2 years ago I did an article on the “parking ticket “scam in the city of Toronto. Recently two news articles awakened my attention to this issue. I do not intend to go over my original piece except to suggest that it be read again. Nothing has changed for the better. Everything still applies but it is my opinion that, if anything, parking conditions are even worse

In 2002, 250 police officers received more than $100,000 yearly in pay; the year 2006 showed 708 at this rate, and by 2009, 1006 had this stipend. Two police constables saw their salary rise to $161,892 and $151,042 and were amoung 380 who topped the $100,000 mark in 2009. Please note these are not high ranking officers but constables on the street. When police constables appear in court during a scheduled off day as a witness, they are paid a minimum of 4 hours at 1 ½ times their basic wage even if the appearance lasts only 15 minutes. David Soknacki, a former city budget chief was apprehensive of ticket writing police issuing tickets with the expectation of additional overtime pay. Of course if there is an incentive for officers to increase their overtime pay by writing parking tickets, many will take it

Recently, on the Danforth, a motorist given a ticket for illegal parking, was also charged with assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. I am more than certain that the motorist hit the parking officer in frustration and anger, but the rest of the charges are probably laid on as pay back, for the assault on the issuer of the ticket

A few years back the city was making so much money that they decided not to fight the case in court if the parking violator appealed by setting a court date. They did this by not setting a court date and the ticket expired. They did not have to pay overtime to the officer for appearing in court. When motorists caught on, they changed, and issue a court date each and every time.

Close to 100 million dollars are raised each year for parking offences. The fact that it is irritating to the public carries no weight with the politicians. The city needs the money and the public does not take action at the voting booth. Why no action at the voting booth. By the time election day rolls around most voters have forgotten .

In the week of November the 14th, 2016 the C.B.C. on radio and T.V. Market Place took a great deal of time talking about parking tickets and their unfairness. When John Tory ran for mayor he stated he was going to take action and ticket cars parked on main streets which interfere with traffic during rush hour. No problem with that! You may be interested in knowing that the two most ticketed spots in Toronto are in Sunnybrook Hospital parking lot and in Yorkville. A new twist to the parking problem involves a firm which gives tickets on private parking lots. They will phone you if you do not pay and threaten court action or getting your ability to get credit. Forget it. They will not go to court, too expensive and the credit companies do not accept tickets not paid as a sign of poor credit rating. I saw on the T.V. program that there is now a car  with driver that takes photos of cars parked illegally  and the ticket is sent by mail to the owner of the car all provided by the license bureau. The poor bloke that walks his territory giving out tickets may soon be out of a job. I suspect this photo car deal may be challenged in court.

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