When I was a thirteen year old in the 1940`s we rented a basement apartment to a homosexual. It was my first experience in seeing a person who did not live his sexual life in a traditional way and he had many visitors , usually young men. It was a time when men did not come out publicly with their preferences for other men, but in hindsight I can recall many women living together with no questions about their sexual needs. There are many women who lived together as roommates all their lives.It was a well known fact, even then, that some women preferred to have sex with women and men with their own kind. I do not recall seeing in print any problems about this situation but  men remained men and women remained women and if they did not make a big deal about their sexual needs, it was ignored. Homosexuality and lesbianism went against the creeds of all religions and was not really acceptable but ignored.  Today Homosexuality and Lesbianism in western society has been totally accepted , as the private affair of the individuals involved and many prominent people, like the premier of Ontario,are quite open about their preferences. There are new words in use, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, cross dresser and of course old reliable queer. I am not even going to the trouble to define each of these words as most people know them, and as well the term LGBTQ ,which puts all of these descriptions in one acronym. So what’s new?

What’s new is the idea  that the sex that  people were given at birth ,does not serve them mentally or psychologically. I use the word “given” rather frivolously . Men, by science, were found to have XY chromosomes and women XX. Or to put it into plain language the male of our species had a penis and the women a vagina. Activists have reframed a sex change as a civil rights issue. Doctors who do not agree can be accused  of being bigots. Taking the other side Dr Paul McHugh for 26 years as psychiatrist-in -chief at John Hopkins Hospital says the claim that a person can change his or her sex is false. On occasion the development of the embryo produced sexual organs that were not completely developed but that was just a mistake by nature in the development of the embryo.  Nature can produce very effeminate  men and “butch”type females, very masculine in appearance. But these people still lived by the sex they were given at birth. Some people want to change that. They have psychological problems with the sex they were born with. A boy whose father abandoned him or a girl who has been abused believe that life would be better as the opposite sex. Children who choose “gender transition” have to depend on doctors for life. They are given puberty blockers at age 12 and cross-sex hormones-estrogen for boys and testosterone for girls-at about age 16. This creates facial hair for women and breasts for young men. Some young people go on to “sex reassignment” such as double mastectomies for girls and removing or creating “penises or vaginas”. Lasting infertility can also be a problem. Vulnerable children are being encouraged to make life-long decisions at an early age . In Britain there is a 2000% increase of children under 18 between 2009-10 and 2016-17 undertaking these procedures. As one therapist has so clearly put it in no other field is the self-diagnosis of a 10 year old taken so seriously They do not want the sex of the individual on the birth certificate or on any public document, like a passport and operations are being performed so that their body conforms to the demands of their psychological wishes. Where human society is headed is unknown ,with the only practical problem now, is that single sex bathrooms may be headed to the ash bins of history. As well, single sports events have a problem now with very masculine women who enter women`s events. Are they really women? Add to that men changed to women surgically and the Olympics will be in trouble. It may have already started. There were allegations that the South African runner Caster Semenya  who won the 800 metre race at the recent world championships was not woman enough. As a matter of interest this woman won the gold for that race at the 2016 Olympics.

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Name: Murray Rubin

Short Bio: I was born in Toronto in 1931 to a wonderful mother who divorced shortly before my birth. I owe a great deal of my success to her. I am Jewish but not at all religious, yet my culture plays an important part of my personality. I attended Harbord Collegiate and U. of T. Faculty of Pharmacy. A unique mail-order pharmacy was the first of my endeavours in the profession, followed by many stores throughout Ontario. I have a loving wife, 3 children and grand-children and I am now retired from pharmacy. But what do I write about? Everything! My topics are funny, serious, whimsical, timely, outrageous, inspiring, and inventive. I promise that if you take the time to read any one of these topics – you will not be sorry.


  • Judith Chandler

    I think we do have to accept people’s sexual orientation; there isn’t a lot we can do about the way people live their lives. It might trouble me if I had a child who was homosexual or Lesbian since I would worry about what they might have to deal with from intolerant people. However, even those of us whose sexual orientation is more conventional have a lot to deal with, life in general. I don’t have any children, that was hypothetical, and I have been single all my life. However, I have often wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman; bi-curious, that’s me but probably not bisexual. I’d be too chicken!

    Hi Murray. I met you quite a long time ago at the Red Rocket. You were having coffee with Nick Gurevich. If you know anyone with cats, I have been a catsitter for 11 years now. Take care.

    • I have often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man, but not enough to do it Thanks for your kind words. I know nobody who needs a catsitter

  • The more freedom homosexuals are given plus so much publicity saddens me. I make no apologies for coming from “the old school of thought”. I find it repugnant that many children are growing up thinking this sexual ” orientation ” is the norm !
    It is NOT a chemical Imbalance it is a human disorientation. In my work experience many bosses are scared to treat a heterosexual worker with the same rights these creatures (I choose the word very carefully !) are given. The Black Rights are now overtaken by Gay Rights across the board. Mixed sex toilets ? I rest my case.
    Always a great Blog Murray…..

    • We part company here Clive. People are born bright, stupid, athletic, slow etc etc. It can be an affectation or real. As a heterosexual I cannot believe that a man would want to have sex with another man. But they do. My daughter was married and divorced and then came out as a Lesbian. But she met a homosexual and they had 2 children and live 4 doors apart.It is a changing world and we have to accept it


      • That’s just it Murray……we DO NOT have to accept it. I do accept however that it’s a different ball game (excuse that) when it involves one’s loved ones…….just more difficult and nothing more. I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination and believe the Bible both Old and New are wrong 99.9℅ of the time. But maybe their take on this IS acceptable.

        • Anonymous I support all ideas unless they hurt others. I have no hate for anybody including Clive. I feel sorry for him that he cannot be accepting of people that are different. Thank you for your comment about myself and my daughter.

  • I challenge you to read my blog http://www.murrayribin.ca. I believe you will find it very interesting. My topics are vast and different than others


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