The United Nations has been a factor in the history of nations since the end of the second world war and even though its success has been more than limited, nations are proud to say they belong. It was to be sort of an area in which nations could act out of altruistic motives and not for national interests . It didn’t work out that way. I am surprised that rational politicians whether of the left or right wing , Asian or European, black from Africa or mixed races in the United States could have even surmised it would work. It goes against the nature of human beings. Self-interest trumps all whether persons or nations. I will quote one obvious example. The U.N.Human Rights Council is supposed to protect persons from abuse from their leaders in their own territory. Nations are voted on to this council by neighbours in the area in which they sit. Saudi Arabia and Egypt were voted on to the council by other middle eastern nation. Qatar is on the committee and supports The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in Gaza who attack Israel who is a member of the United Nations. What a joke. They are as far from democratic as you can get and abuse badly their own citizens, and Pakistan was voted on as well from the far east, and I don`t have to enlighten people how autocratic this nation is. Nations vote on  U.N issues what is in their own self interest . The same is true for all the nations in the top body in the U.N. the Security Council whose permanent members are the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China. These nations have a permanent veto and use it for whatever pleases them. There are nations now more important than France and the United Kingdom but it is impossible to remove these two nations from the Security Council. And of course they have nuclear weapons as do all the other members on the Security Council. So is the UN as presently constituted useless, or nearly useless. Yes, but there is away to make the body very  useful.

Human beings have ruined the environment. There is no question about that. What this has led to is Tornadoes, Hurricanes, earth quakes with massive flooding or to cite a real example the present situation in the Grand Bahamas and Abaco. This nation is ruined and the world will immediately try and help with insufficient funds or pledges which will not be kept, and the richest country in the world the US left Puerto Rico, a Commonwealth part of the US in a major troubled situation. Haiti is still many years away from being righted and the world does nothing. The UN is the solution. Any nation wanting to be part of the UN must give a membership fee much more than they give now. This money is banked and can only be used for natural disasters which the world pays lip service to righting. The money is there ready to be used in a situation which will be more frequent with the way we have abused our world, and the individual members of the UN do not have the responsibility on their own. Every nation has to donate or your membership in the UN is terminated.


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Name: Murray Rubin

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