Women are sexual objects always, but not all the time. The editor of the British edition of Esquire, Alex Bilmes, in a public  Statement at a conference “Advertising Week Europe” stated the obvious.–“Women are  objects” in his magazine. They were,are ,and always will be, in his opinion because it is in the nature of men to look at women in a sexual way, especially in a magazine which objectifies the female body.Of course, they are our sisters, mothers, daughters but in a man`s magazine they are only one-dimensional–sexy and that sells Esquire.

It is ironic that even magazines catering to women readers, follow the same route and objectify beautiful women because these women want to be attractive to men and impress other women with their beauty.Magazines for women do not feature men in scanty clothes, because women are different. This in no way diminishes the obvious fact that women are as clever, talented in their work choices, intellectual and attractive as human beings outside of their being objectified as sexual objects.Women, in general, do not go about their business day thinking” What would it be like to sleep with that gorgeous hunk of a man” It is just the way our world functions.

I will be following this entry  with another article on the treatment of women by men

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