T here is no doubt in my mind that the last thing auto insurance companies worry about is being fair to the customer. Cars last much longer and if you own a luxury car and look after it very well and if the cost of the repair is more than the value of your used car on the market , they will NOT repair even if you are willing to pay the difference.

I was on my way to a party at the home of my cousin`s grandson. It was a Saturday at noon and we were waiting for a green light to cross Avenue Rd at Heath. We were heading east on Heath and the light turned green and my wife who was driving started across the intersection. About 3/4 the way through a car heading north on Heath ran the red light and smashed into the front of our car, a 2004 Lexus SUV. The driver of the other car immediately admitted he went through the red light, he was driving an Audi. Both big cars were totalled. The driver of the Audi was unhurt and all his air bags were set off. Our air bags did not inflate. He was unhurt and I suffered a cut on my left elbow but the ribs  and sternum of my wife were fractured. Our Lexus was in perfect shape as we had serviced it religiously all these years and our idea was to have it repaired. It appears we had no choice. Because the repair would cost $9500 and the car was only worth $12500 we were not allowed to repair the car. Why would the insurance company pay $12,500 as a settlement when the repair would cost only $9500. ? I soon found out because I had to assign the car to the insurance company who then sold it for parts. They ended up paying much less than the money they gave me for my car. The problem is the language of insurance policies and the fine print. The insurance companies take every advantage they can and their customers pay the price. My wife is receiving treatment for her chest injuries and I will keep you posted how it turns out.

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