A simple incident can change the direction of your life. Write me about it and I will put it into my blog.

I came from a poor family and I was brought up by my mother (divorced) and grandmother. I never did well in school and failed in grade 7. I knew nothing about studying. When I was 12 years old my mother married and I lived with two step-brothers. They studied, and from them I learned that unless you were exceptionally brilliant you had to study to pass in school. I did very well in my final year in high school and was accepted into Pharmacy, a difficult course for anybody. Studying made the difference.

As I mentioned I came from a poor family and did not have the finances to open a drug store, so the Canadian government came to my rescue. They passed a law which allowed the pharmacist to change a doctor`s prescription to the less expensive generic equivalent with the patients permission. I opened a drug store with no drug stock on the second floor of an apartment building and when I received a prescription I phoned the doctor , got the change and mailed the less expensive medicine to the patient COD All with no overhead. I had a partner and we split his salary.

There are many more older people who will need to be looked after. Their children will do the job but they have paying jobs as well. Companies will have to make arrangements as they have for looking after children to look after parents.

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Name: Murray Rubin

Short Bio: I was born in Toronto in 1931 to a wonderful mother who divorced shortly before my birth. I owe a great deal of my success to her. I am Jewish but not at all religious, yet my culture plays an important part of my personality. I attended Harbord Collegiate and U. of T. Faculty of Pharmacy. A unique mail-order pharmacy was the first of my endeavours in the profession, followed by many stores throughout Ontario. I have a loving wife, 3 children and grand-children and I am now retired from pharmacy. But what do I write about? Everything! My topics are funny, serious, whimsical, timely, outrageous, inspiring, and inventive. I promise that if you take the time to read any one of these topics – you will not be sorry.


  • Good to see that you are still hale and hearty and hope do well for coming future. Success is dependent on not only we as individual inputs. There are lot of external factors beyoud us which gives us a scenrio to work with . Our actions ,reactions during those times and situations are all calculated risks , some make it to the top in such situations ,others fail. We as race still give too much value to success

  • Hi Murray,
    As you know, you and I met in 1977 and made a business deal which changed my direction in life.
    In subsequent years you provided me with wise advice. I remain in your gratitude forever.
    Great to see your blog!


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