As usual I was looking at my e-mails and what came up. A subject that I had never thought of, orgasmic pleasure in sex. I take back what I just wrote. Of course when I was young I thought of sex and the pleasure of sex. But anybody with any brains would realize that sex was made pleasurable so whatever species was indulging in the act would along with the pleasure, propagate the species of which they were part of. This is a natural act of any thing or body that is alive in this world. But each living entity goes about their acts of making more of themselves in a different way. Another question came up in the article. Are humans the only entities that have sex more for pleasure than reproduction. I do not believe so. Masturbation is part of the sexual act and humans both male and female indulge in this behaviour. But not only humans. We had a dog in our family and I can remember vividly this mammal rubbing against a post at its genitals trying, I assume to have an orgasm .Living entities do not indulge in sexual behaviour with other species, but only with species of their own kind. A male pigeon does not try to engage with a female robin, or a dog with a cat and they are aware of the difference. But where is the pleasure when a fish lays its eggs in the water in a safe place and the male of her species fertilizes them ? There must be a pleasure I am not aware of. There are certain acts or motions that attract the other sex of the same species , dances etc. But plants and insects are also engaged in reproducing themselves, God only knows how? What I can recall are bees going into an open flower and bring back sperm on their feet to another flower of the same species. Each and every act has a form of pleasure associated with it and a benefit but it takes a biologist, botanist or entomologist to know some of the answers and to this day I assume they have not found out.

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