In any society there are the “Leaders” and the people who constitute the majority and the democratic system in Canada is no different. I have yet to find any society where the leaders institute a system where they lose control. And so,it is how I find the Inuit and Aboriginal communities in Canada. These two groups live in isolated communities without the amenities  common to most small cities or towns in our country, but this isolation allows their leaders to maintain control. Their “raison d`etre” is ,if all their people move in to the towns and cities with other Canadians they will lose their customs and cultures. Yes, I believe that may be true but is what they get from their isolation worth the mediocre lives they lead.

I recently note that the suicide rate in the Inuit communities is very high. For 2009-13 for the hardest-hit region of Nunatsiavut, in northern Labrador, was 275 suicides for every 100,000 people. That is compared with 11 for every 100,000 for the country over all. Adolescents and young adults were at the highest risk. Amoung the aboriginal youth aged 10 to 19 years, the suicide rate was five to six times higher than amoung non-aboriginal peers; however, it is in the years between 20-29 that both aboriginal and non-aboriginal people showed the highest rates of suicide. Why?

Aside from the fact that the housing and health care is poor for the adults, there is nothing for adults to do . No jobs, to make their lives meaningful. Their houses  as inadequate as they are, are a gift , so to speak, from the Canadian people. In these isolated communities you cannot see, how working harder can get you ahead. This boredom eventual leads to alcoholism, In so many suicides alcohol is found in the blood of the victim.

There is a major problem that must be addressed by the Canadian government. It is necessary to make life worth-while in these communities. To do it they must be funded so that life has meaning for the people living there. Even if industry with incentives ,move to these remote areas, will our first nation people work to get ahead when they get so much free.

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