The last few governments in Canada have approached the problem of the First Nations (Aboriginals) in the same way with the same result. FAILURE. Allan Rock, a Liberal stated that the aboriginals represent 2% of the population but 10.6% of  persons in prison. Last year when Jody Wilson-Raybould again with the Liberals in power, the aboriginals were 4% of the population but 36  % of the prison population. They certainly new how to reproduce themselves but their lives have not changed. They lack access to education, access to the middle class and access to opportunities in the economy. The only other modern countries to experience the same inadequate results were in Australia and New Zealand. When captain Cook arrived in Australia and claimed the eastern part of the continent for the English king George 111 there were 600 different tribes and the people had hundreds of different languages. That certainly reminds me of Canada. Even though the English new that there were people there, they considered the continent to be “terra nullius”, meaning land belonging to no one, and went ahead with their plan to establish a penal colony there. These Australian natives were forced into government reserves and church missions. In the middle of the 20th century because of overcrowding and increased maintenance expenses they live in public housing(subsidized by the government). I might say the treatment of the aboriginals in Australia was far worse than Canada and it has been estimated that between 1788 and 1900 their population numbers declined by 90% From the start of the white invasion of Australia the settlers tried to civilize the indigenous and even took children away from their parents and placed them in foster homes. These children were known as the “stolen generation” A remarkable similarity took place in Canada.

In South America there are many countries with aboriginal populations such as Belize, Bolivia, Chile Ecuador ,Greenland, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. In some of these countries the indigenous population is involved in governing and has a great deal of power. In Argentina, I was informed the indigenous population was killed off and I could see that when I visited. You can only see European faces. The European population which changed the world is drawn from three ancient tribes . The ancient populations mixed within the last 7000 years. Blue-eyed swarthy hunters mixed with brown-eyed pale skinned farmers as the latter came into Europe from the near east. But another, mysterious population with Siberian affinities also contributed to the European population. The findings are based on an analysis of genomes from nine ancient Europeans. It is clearly evident that there was a mixing of the populations and no one group was so strong to set the other aside. Our society in Canada has changed in the last 3-500 years and the earliest of the inhabitants must be incorporated  and have the same opportunities as all the rest. It is very evident that the European invaders of North and South America and Australia and New Zealand, were powerful enough to completely dominate, but when they went into Africa and India they had to make accommodations with the people residing there. They were not so dominate as to completely overpower the local inhabitants. Numbers counted.

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