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A Contradiction in terms? When I started public school in 1936 at the beginning of class we sang the national anthem “God Save The King” and recited the “Lord’s Prayer”. Canada was a secular nation, but for all practical purposes a Christian secular nation. Nobody minded! Jewish families with very few exceptions accepted the status Continue Reading

Problem with Muslims in Western Democracies

Special Dispatch 2309 April 10, 2008Reform ProjectLiberal Gulf Writers: Muslim Groups in Europe Are Exploiting Europeans’ OpennessSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE DONATE CONTACT USMEMRI MEMRI TV THE MEMRI BLOG MEMRI ECONOMIC BLOG JIHAD & TERRORISM THREAT MONITOR PROJECT TURKISH MEDIA PROJECT IRAN BLOG Two recent articles in the Gulf press discussed the attitudes of European Muslims towards the Continue Reading

Islam Is “Submission”

As an atheist, I find the dogma of all religions, aside from their ethical pronouncements, to be without substance. If one reads all the rules closely, the “raison d’etre” is about power, the ability to control the everyday life of people. But at least in the modern era, most religions, while not free of proselytization, Continue Reading