Words are a history of human beings, and all languages paint a picture of what was and may never return. So it is with the English language, and while similar to other languages could in some cases be vastly different. Words and phrases of the past remind us of the way we once lived. Technology can change the way we speak and does.

1. Don`t touch that dial- A reference to the days when we listen only to the radio

2. Carbon Copy– When one wanted to copy the words on a sheet of paper onto another sheet of paper. You used a sheet of carbon paper, which had a type of transferable ink on it and when it was pressed against the blank sheet, the words appeared as if by magic from the page to be copied. The machine that performed the job was called a “Copy Machine”.

3. You sound like a broken record-This refers to an old record player where the needle was caught in a groove of the vinyl record and the same sound played over and over again.

4. Hung out to dry- A reference to being left all on your own when in trouble ,by a friend or acquaintance or a fellow worker.

5. Moxie–Spirit to succeed.

6. Bib and Tucker- To put on your Bib and Tucker was to dress well.

7. Straighten up  and fly right- To improve your performance.

8. Hubba-Hubba – From the American military in the 2nd world war. It shows approval by onlookers.

9. Cut a rug- A good dancer.

10. Juke Joint- In a bar or club where you put money in a machine and it played a song that was listed. The choice was yours. The sound machine was called a “Juke Box”

11. Necking- hugging and kissing.

12. Petting and smooching and spooning- exploring your partners body with your fingers.

13. Billing and Cooing- saying nice sexy words to your partner.

14. Pitching woo in hot rods- saying sexy things in a car.

15. Passion Pit- Could be a drive-in theatre where nobody cared if you had sex.

16. Heavens to Betsy- A surprise occurence

17. Spooning- a form of affection where a man lays front to back with a girl.

18. Gee Willikers- Gee is a reference to Jesus and the expression shows amazement.

19  Holey Moley- Instead of Holy Shit.

20.  In Like Flynn- Flynn was a New York politician who was successful. Being “In like Flynn” is just being successful

21.  Life of Riley- an easy life

22. Knucklehead  – a stupid person.

23. Nincompoop- a person who lacks common sense.

24. a pill- a person hard to live with

25.   Swell . Life used to be SWELL  -The meaning of course is that things are going your way.

26. Knickers- Women`s undergarments.

27.  Pageboys- young male servants

28. Spats- foot accessory to cover instep and ankle.

29. Fedoras- a low soft felt male hat with a curled brim.

30. Poodle skirts- wide swinging felt skirt

31. Pedal pushers- women`s calf leg pants

32. Monkey`s Uncle- an amazing event.

33. Fine kettle of Fish- what an unusual event, usually not good.

34. Pshaw- Its nothing.

35. Banned in Boston- Boston was a very proper city, so if it was banned there it was OK, that is not sexy or good for sensitive people.

36. Its your nickel- means its your choice i.e. it comes when people put a nickel in a juke box to hear their choice of music.

37. Don`t forget to pull the chain- a throwback to the old type of toilet.

38. knee high to a grasshopper- it refers to meeting a person who you knew when they were little and young.

39,  Iron Curtain- it describes the eastern European countries under the control of Russia as if Russia lowered curtain over their lives.

40. Fail safe- an early warning system.

41. Cooties- louse.

42. Going like sixty- Speeding It goes back in time when sixty was fast with the old cars.

43. See you later, alligator- good-bye

44  Holy Toledo–Refers to Toledo Spain which was one of the centres of Christian culture after the liberation from the Moors. It has a 13th century cathedral, one of the largest in Europe and is the seat of the Cardinal Archbishop of Spain.

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