Camera, the acronym for” Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America”, does an excellent job of reporting the slant of U.S. newspapers in reporting news about activities between Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews , and unfortunately the Jews usually get the short end of the stick. It is a cause for concern as for how long can this negative reporting about Israel be in the press, before Americans see Israel as a rogue nation.

And yet as I write this column on Google I read a headline “Intimidation at the New York Times”: How the Israeli Lobby Silenced 2 Leading Columnists. Who to believe? I do not for one minute believe that there are people, either Palestinians or Israelis who have a monopoly  on honesty or fair play.

Lets start with the report from “Camera”,Reuters Captions: Palestinians “Confronting” Israelis. There were assaults and killings and they use the word “Confronting”. With this language what would they have said if the Palestinians killed a hundred Israelis? A” large confrontation ” Let us turn to the New York Times where it wrongly states that the Western Wall is Israeli’s holiest site, when in fact it is the Temple Mount. It states also that four Palestinians were killed in clashes without mentioning that three died attacking Israelis. P.A. leader shows outrage when  Israelis kill attackers in self-defence. Are Israelis wrong to defend themselves? NPR, National Public radio Emily Harris humanises attackers, but ignores victims. The los Angeles Times reported that some Jews visited Joseph`s Tomb without permission, and the Palestinian Security co-ordinated with the Israeli military to save them from an angry Arab crowd. In fact the Palestinians beat the Jews. The Baltimore Sun calls Israel an apartheid state. I know for a fact that this is not so, because I have been in Israel four times. Sidney Shapiro finished his stint in the IDF and returned to Laurentian University in Canada. He saw a poster showing a poster of a Palestinian kid in the apartheid state. When Sidney tried to speak to the professor who placed the poster he was told “I don`t speak to baby Killers”  In USA Today the paper falsely depicted the  Palestinian attackers as victims. and on it goes,but is there another side to the story.

So lets turn to the other side.  Thomas Friedman a New York times columnist used to report on the Israeli-Palestinian turmoil fairly. He placed the blame on the failed peace talks on the Israelis and exposed the undue influence that pro-Israel lobby wields on U.S. policy. Then the lobby went to work on him and he capitulated. He now receives $75,000 per speech to Jewish groups. Frank Rich writes for the New York Times  magazine and attacked Baruch Goldstein who shot up a mosque during prayers and called him a terrorist. He also defended Deputy-Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz for talking about the poor suffering Palestinians and dared to voice an opinion that right-wingers who tolerate no criticism of Israel undermine their own cause. The pro-Israel forces turned on Mr. Rich and the Times. Now Mr. Rich toes the line and is silent on the Israeli-Palestinian problems. I am a Canadian and do not read the New York Times regularly but from my reading of the Times these two reporters did not change the anti-Israel bias of the New York Times. Now that I know they have changed their biases I will see if the criticism is valid. I do believe that American newspapers , in general, picture their depiction of the turmoil in Palestinian favour. Possibly they support the underdog as it appears  that is where the Palestinians are.

In a recent article in the Washington Post (March 29, 2017) a reporter Sudarsan Raghavan  reported  from the Arab League summit that the leaders asked for a renewed call for a Palestinian State, if Israel returns Arab lands it has occupied. He makes no mention of the fact that Israel took control of these areas as a result of its fighting a defensive war. If Jordan had heeded  Israel`s request to stay out of what was a war between Israel and Egypt, Israel would not have been there. John Kerry the former foreign minister of president Barak Obama has stated an end of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict would stabilize the Middle East. It is so evident when you look at the Arab spring, the Syrian Civil war, the war in Yemen and the rise of ISIS , that is only wishful thinking. When Israel gave up Gaza, they were rewarded with missiles from Gaza.  Hamas and Fatah do not see eye to eye on anything except the demise of the Jewish State.

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